not detecting

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not detecting

Postby techlogic » 29.08.15, 09:35

HTS723216L9A362 , 160GB ,7200RPM

initializing is ok and NO Noise
after powering on DRD and DSC registers are on , but when I want to enter the hitachi utility it asks for "RUN UTILITY"and shows me "ABR ERR"
now I want to know how can I recover the user data from it ??

looking forward to hearing from u

S R Prabhakar
Tech Logic

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Re: not detecting

Postby Filipp_TS » 13.11.15, 15:08

Try to choose family manually. It's 7232L9 Hitachi IBM.
Check that techno key is recognized, ckeck the SA access, can you read the SA modules? all of them are OK?
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ACELab technical support

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