Hitachi IBM - NV-Ram adjustment

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Hitachi IBM - NV-Ram adjustment

Postby ACE_Admin » 05.04.10, 15:49

Sometimes it is happened, the board on hitachi-ibm drive dies completely with all its chips incluting ROM and NV-Ram chips. In this case it helps to find board with compartible ROM version and find NV-Ram on a surface.

Here are the settings to find it on HTS541040G9AT00
Use the "7FE000d5" address from my picture for all hts5410g9

Dont forget to turn off autoreassign before reading the data.
nv-ram.JPG (42.58 KiB) Viewed 10397 times
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Re: Hitachi IBM - NV-Ram adjustment

Postby Winchester » 09.04.10, 11:32

What about HTC426040G9AT00? Is it also possible?

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Re: Hitachi IBM - NV-Ram adjustment

Postby ZeBong » 25.04.10, 16:35

this is nice, i think you should post more like this one.

it will help all the users, and the support will became better.


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Re: Hitachi IBM - NV-Ram adjustment

Postby Nova » 18.08.10, 17:00

How about if HTS541616J9SA00 NVRAM corrupted? Could the same methods be used? At which address?

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Re: Hitachi IBM - NV-Ram adjustment

Postby gameboybin » 24.11.23, 10:40

What if the drive readies up but cannot ID. How can you find NVRAM on Surface???

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