HTS725050A7E630 - Can´t Read

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HTS725050A7E630 - Can´t Read

Postby d1d » 12.07.21, 13:52

Hi @all,

i have a HGST HTS725050A7E630 here.
The HDD dosen´t spin´s up after power on.

I have changed the PCB, same Problem.
So i´v put the original PCB on the HDD and have searched a Backup from a similar Donor Drive.

After overwrite the ROM, the HDD Spins up but dosen´t get HDD ID, also i have write the NV-RAM from the Donor Backup and i will get ID.

Problem i can´t get Access on the Modules. It wil only clicking after starting the comand.

Head Problem or is it only the Problem because it isen´t the original ROM?

Thanks a lot and best wishes


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