Hitachi HTS541040G9AT00 unlock

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Hitachi HTS541040G9AT00 unlock

Postby SC3 » 16.06.21, 15:10

I have a 2.5" Hitachi HDD, PATA, HTS541040G9AT00, that is security-locked.

It reads the ID correctly (it seems), and chooses the right HDD family (HTS541).

When attempting the "password unlocking" I'm using the PC-2"-adapter and the provided jumper settings but get the following message:
"You might have set jumpers incorrectly! Attempt to retry?"

And the log reads:
"NV-RAM reading.......Error
Error: Error switching to techno mode
NV-RAM is not loaded

I can't open the utility either, just getting the log messages:
Techno mode key.......Error
ATTENTION! Security-locked HDD.

Any ideas?



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