HTS541010A9E680 device error detected (ABR)

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HTS541010A9E680 device error detected (ABR)

Postby OmniaLab » 20.04.20, 14:34

hi, i got a HGST HTS541010A9E680, fall damage, heads were very broken (no visible platter damage). replaced easily with a donor but now i get device error detected (ABR), and clicking noises. what family is this drive to manualy pick an utility? thank you

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Re: HTS541010A9E680 device error detected (ABR)

Postby Sergey_TS » 15.05.20, 10:00

OmniaLab, Hello! :wave: this model is related to 5410A9 Hitachi IBM-ARM family. Unfortunately if your drive is clicking after heads swap most probably SA media is damaged or donor HSA is not compatible enough :shockable:
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