HM502JX 1A04

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HM502JX 1A04

Postby shahi » 20.03.18, 13:36

we have a case, after several work. It's producing LED 1A04 issue. Cleared A-list, Reset SMART, still its producing the error after a power reset.
We can access data area after issuing LE command or 1Axx error fix command, but data extraction is extremely slow (few sectors every minuties)

It has been noticed that, it's happening by all 4 HEADs, extremely slow image.

NOTE: sometime, HEAD MAP create works, sometime, not. What is your thought?

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Re: HM502JX 1A04

Postby Filipp_TS » 20.03.18, 16:00


Can advice try to reduce the reading retries and clear the A-List, basically it helps to make the drive read faster.
Here is an article about it: ... -weak.html
Also, you can try to write Burn resources into the drive (if Heads are in good condition).
If heads are weak/damaged and doesn't allow to write Burn (even via Terminal) or there is no changes after Burn writing then it's neccessary to investigate case inside and try to use compatible donor heads.

P.S. Pay attention to the surface's condition.
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