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Postby emir_has » 14.02.20, 19:01


I have this drive as patient. There was PCB burn and head stuck on platter. I have found compatible PCB SATA for this drive and moved ROM chip to it. Head unstuck manualy but they are dead.
Found donorand swaped heads. The disk is initialized normal and I have made backup of ROM and modules. I have cleared SMART and ALIST.
But I cannot read user data ! I get UNC error!
I didnt have many of these disks so no experience at all. Please can somene help me! Thanks!

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Re: SAMSUNG St1000LM025

Postby Freakazoid » 15.02.20, 18:34

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Re: SAMSUNG St1000LM025

Postby Filipp_TS » 29.05.20, 10:13

Provided link is for Seagate drives. Topic regarding Samsung.
Better to check SA modules condition. Also return back Alist.
Check Heads test too.
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Re: SAMSUNG St1000LM025

Postby Amarbir[CDR-Labs] » 18.06.20, 20:30

Filipp ,
Sometimes i wonder why people just clear g list ,alist ,smart without even checking the exact problem
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