WD SED Locked error

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WD SED Locked error

Postby Hddex » 07.05.23, 23:12

Hi everyone,

I have a WD40EZRZ-00GXCB0 (Apollo) that came out of a My Book external HDD. The issue is that the drive is inaccessible when loading up normally.

Plugging it to the PC-3000 using SATA connection without the USB adaptor board that it came with and on "Easy mode" shows that drive shows physically that it is healthy but status is "Locked."

I then loaded "advance mode" and I get an error message "Failed to unlock HDD, ID reading from RAM: "Static module reading error Device Error Detected: "SED DRIVE LOCKED"" To unlock this HDD please block firmware access to SA. Then init HDD with the utility to get access back and use "Clear Passwords" regime"
It will give me an option to to start utility but I would get another error message "Access violation at address 000000000A3D441A in module 'PCWDCM~1.DLL'. Read of address 0000000000000036" and I would be taken out from Utility.

I'm still learning so I'm not sure exactly what the issue is. Do I need to first "SED Unlock" or is there corruption I need to fix first? :shockable:
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Re: WD SED Locked error

Postby d_d_recovery » 08.05.23, 16:00

Unlocking SED drives is explained in the ACE Lab blog.

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Re: WD SED Locked error

Postby freedabu » 15.07.23, 23:05

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