WDC VeniceR - Strange WD40EDAZ-11SLVB0 Need HELP

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WDC VeniceR - Strange WD40EDAZ-11SLVB0 Need HELP

Postby Amarbir[CDR-Labs] » 21.07.22, 07:21

Hello Everyone ,

The HDD is Question is This

CDRLabs - Ravi Kaushal HDD Photo.jpg
CDRLabs - Ravi Kaushal HDD Photo.jpg (1.81 MiB) Viewed 1123 times

The customer says his kid dropped the hdd ,I do not remember if this HDD would click or the PCB would just not spin the HDD and get into ready state .Anyways yesterday i took another HDD of the same family and swapped heads .I would like to inform all of you that beware of these HDD's ,I have seen these in the following combinations

1 : 2 platter 4 heads bottom platter and heads missing
2 : 3 platters and 6 heads
3 : 3 platters and 5 heads with lower platter lower surface head missing

So the utilities from which we get head info are all misleading example it says heads installed 4 used 4 ,We assume lowest platter to have 2 and one up to have another set of heads making it 4 ,But it could be lowest platter is missing and we have middle and top platter used .I took the ROM Code out from the patient SED locked board using a programmer and programmed it on unlocked board using PC3K ,Board No is 8.....11 .Once powered on the Status registers in PC3k would go busy and immediately get ready state ,The HDD would not spinup .I have seen this happen in some other case also which i had done .The ROM is Attached To the post for anyone of you to analyze and help me .The file is renamed as a .zip though its .bin . Anyways i just though why not try ROM of the HSA donor HDD ,I programmed it into the ROM of the unlocked board and the HDD spinned and i was able to access all modules and even data .The data looks encrypted .I then programmed the DONOR HSA HDD Rom Code into patient ROM and resoldered it into the patient SED locked HDD PCB .The result was same Data is encrypted .Does a ROM make a difference to data encryption ,I do not have doors to work on these drives but i was having a though might be decryption keys are in MCU " Not Sure Though " thats why i tried Patient PCB . This is a External Casing HDD so i though might be the USB board has encryption ,I then used DONOR HSA HDD ROM programmed into Patient ROM and This ROM installed on patient Board with The WDC 3.5" USB To SATA Board on Deepspar Imager ,Result DATA is encrypted . I tried several other things which i will post in the evening possibly to this thread , Donor ROM is also attached to thread as .zip File .BTW both ROMS are different Versions

Some Stuff To Try

1 : Using DONOR ROM and Shifting All Modules of patient ROM to it and See if this works
2 : Trying to Retain the Modules of the ROM and Changing Code Segments
3 : Checking SA to See if ROM can be regenerated
4 : Working on Module 0x129 thats hidden In DIR module and has ROM Modules in Venice R - > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK2P9p6Mf7s&t=2806s ,My Idea was not to unlock but extract ROM modules from 0x129 .

Am i on the wrong track ,Can you folks help me in this case please .How to defeat this encryption .
DONOR ROM-04588.zip
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Re: WDC VeniceR - Strange WD40EDAZ-11SLVB0 Need HELP

Postby Fraser Corrance » 23.07.22, 03:05

Good to know. I have had 3 of these come in this week.


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Re: WDC VeniceR - Strange WD40EDAZ-11SLVB0 Need HELP

Postby anekakeck » 06.04.23, 22:04

I have spent 2 days on this exact issue with a drive I have.. urghhhhh. i know its MCU encrypted i learnt this a few years back after spending a bunch of time on another Venice drive. I really wont bore you with the details but basically ive got to the point where i have full SA access and modules backed up.. but i cannot for the life of me get this drive to stay spinning up and down. I've blocked SA and you would think i would be able to get the disk to ID but no! I got it to ID if i force auto detect but its powering up and down constantly. I dunno these drives are one big - in the ***. LOL I was talking to Filip Ace lab and he suggested some ideas of writing the ROM modules that were damaged from a donor which ive done and adpated the ROM version in module 4F but somethings not right becuase once i did this its causing the disk to spin up and down.. but it did give an ID? I'm just lost now..

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Re: WDC VeniceR - Strange WD40EDAZ-11SLVB0 Need HELP

Postby computershopee » 22.11.23, 10:59

now i have the same SPINS up.
2 knocks came power off & on ,Drive Id Shows Full Agin Restarting.
Knocking Again Restart..
I Replaced the Pcb SED locked.
But Same Issue Repeating.. If heads Bad How it shown Full I.D

please Share LOADER :wave:
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