WD Encryption - Forgot Password

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WD Encryption - Forgot Password

Postby datahaze » 01.07.22, 01:20


I'm trying to recover data from a client's 2TB Western Digital Passport (MDL: WD20NPVT-00Z2TT0). The drive is in perfect condition physically, and I'm able to image it completely with PC-3000. But the data is encrypted, beyond just native WD encryption. WD Marvell utility detects a decryption key, but when I select the key it asks me for a password.

They always kept their drive plugged into their iMac so they don't remember what password they chose when setting up/encrypting the drive (I'm assuming they used WD SmartWare). It seems like their password would be stored somewhere on their computer, but I'm not sure where that would be (I'm gonna have them check in Keychain). Any advice? Thank you!

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Re: WD Encryption - Forgot Password

Postby Doomer » 28.07.22, 16:03

I can probably do it remotely

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Re: WD Encryption - Forgot Password

Postby einstein9 » 01.08.22, 08:39

Forgot to mention, we do sell the "Unlocking Password PCBs & USB3 Adapters" for those locked drives for your Business
once used (after moving ROM) drive will be auto. unlocked :wink:

more info. here: https://www.google.com/search?&q=unix+g ... 1684962728
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