WD Fblite USB SED with Encryption

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WD Fblite USB SED with Encryption

Postby Paulsen » 22.06.23, 22:19

Hello folks. I need your help please.
There was a PCB USB (2060-771961-001 Rev A) on the WD HDD. This was exchanged for a PCB-SATA. Of course compatible.
EEPROM was created as a backup. All modules of this backup were also extracted by PC3000. About 90...
Name: My Passport Ultra Metal 10th Anniversary Edition (Fblite)
Production date: Oct 11 2014
Specs: VID/PID: 1058:082a
Chip: JMS569 (Vendor: JMicron, Architecture: Intel 8051)
Firmware: v.1.012
All modules were extracted, but I get an error module 02 in the "Edit HDD ID" area.
At the point: 'Solve "slow responding" problem' there are several checkboxes to select. Which one is needed? The article from 2015 - "How to solve SED problem in 2.5" WD drives" unfortunately no longer shows this. My PC3000 version is 7.2.
Do I have to move the hex values in the various modules? If so, which ones and in which direction? User password is unknown. I have already found the master password in one of the modules and it says: WDCWDCWDC.....should be the standard password set by WD.
Now I need your help to get my data back.
Best regards,

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