WD40NDZM-59A8KS1 - SpyGlass2 ULTRA - Decryption

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WD40NDZM-59A8KS1 - SpyGlass2 ULTRA - Decryption

Postby Tweety » 22.06.22, 11:05


Has anyone ever deal with this particular disk model with success?

Heads damage/ swapping - out of range read sectors?

PCB with USB-C 2060-810033

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Fraser Corrance
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Re: WD40NDZM-59A8KS1 - SpyGlass2 ULTRA - Decryption

Postby Fraser Corrance » 12.07.22, 21:36

Using an unlocked 810033 PCB I was able to read the SA modules using the Spyglass utility and reading by ID instead of ABA. Many of the functions of the spyglass utility don't work on this model of drive. The drive is at least giving me an ID and coming ready now where before it was not. Not really sure if the backup of the SA is good or not without the other utilities availible to check them.

The Spyglass 2 utility is not able to read the drive's ID at all.

The ROM tools appear to be working. Sparing appears to work.

Not sure how useful this info is but I thought it was at least worth sharing.

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