Seagate ST320413A

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Seagate ST320413A

Postby pclab » 25.05.15, 19:48

Hey guys

I have a strange log on this Seagate.
I have swapped heads on it. The donor is very similar and I think it went OK (at least it doesn't click heehehe)

I have this log:
T>Head Mask 0003 - Switch to full int.


It doesn't ID...
Tried with the Donor PCB and it doesn't do those $$$$$.

This is the log with donor PCB:

Interface task reset
1024k x 16 buffer detected
U5 - 1_Disk 3.57 12-12-00 10:03 coonend

Power Cycling

Ref 0265 - Head Mask 0001 - Switch to full int.

T>U5 - 1_Disk 3.57 12-12-00 10:03 coonend
Built for U5,SaratogaII,Magellan,InternalSpin,GC85,Copper-clad VCM,2Disk,LowDelta,192 Servos,8Pole,NonModGray,2x,80MHz,Code DRAM,Early Exit,RwFeat=2000

T>Age=60 Type=61 MxCyl=72C8 MxHd=1 MxSct=244 BSz=0800 TCode=0000

Age Typ Hds Lent Loopcnt TrkGn Thld Grey Intg TrkOfst SpnIntg
60 61 1 0000 0000000 0096 0028 9696 9696 4F4D E6A3

T>INVALID Cert Disk Code - ROM Resident Revision Required: 3.57

The Firmware version of Pacient is 3.32 and donor 3.57.
Can this be the problem?

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