ST5000LM00 - Slow reading

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ST5000LM00 - Slow reading

Postby techchef1 » 25.02.21, 09:13

Dear Frds ..

I have 5 TB hard disk ,ST5000LM000 - Reads reads sector very slow and softreset and hard reset applied on task but goes busy for about 10 mins and ready then it will reads some sector and will goes busy ,Any solution for this ?

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Re: ST5000LM00 - Slow reading

Postby AJ2008 » 25.02.21, 10:21

Try to remove reallocation and background processes - also check MCMT

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Re: ST5000LM00 - Slow reading

Postby techchef1 » 08.03.21, 09:51

After fix 93 Sys file , i Got this error

LED:0x000000BD FAddr:0x00005E43
kindly tell me how to solve this case

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Re: ST5000LM00 - Slow reading

Postby Filipp_TS » 09.06.21, 19:58


Baseically LED:BD means damaged SMART system file(s).
Bad based on your provided story - could be damaged one or few (any) system files, necessary to check thaem by Ctrl-x report.
Also could be haeds issue (they can't write), you didn't check them and after modified 93 writing attempt it became damaged.
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Re: ST5000LM00 - Slow reading

Postby sigmaalv » 22.12.21, 08:02

i have disk 5 tb ST5000LM000-2U8170. i want to edit hdd id to disable background process. for rom patching when i read rom i get following error "Boot Code: Can not get current address!. below is control+A output

F3 T>
Prod Desc: M15.JanusR2.SBP3.SATA.Servo376.Rap30RevA.4K + SMR Despo DFW BP3 SBP3
Package Version: M2AEA13B0.SDM4.410010.0001
Serial #: WCJ4V8TW
Changelist: 02066478
Model #: ST5000LM000-2U8170
ID: 100
Servo FW Rev: B0BE
Heads: A
PCBA SN: K124219Q
Default factory config: SED
Active config: SED

TotalHostWrites 00000000
NumberOfSegWrites 0000
TotalHPCBROs 00000002
TotalBWOs 00000000
MCMTWrites 00000001
Idle1Count 0001
MCSegmentUsed 037C
MCNodeUsed 000004F4

how did u edit 93 sys file this model. is it M11 or M15 family

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