Please Help with Maxtor 2F030J0

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Please Help with Maxtor 2F030J0

Postby rd-simone » 26.04.12, 19:13

Hello, this is my problem with an ARES 64K disk.

I have a Maxtor 2F030J0 that spins up but it is not recognized right by Pc3000 Utility.
So I made autorecovery, and I had success, the disk initialize and I have access to sectors. But the problem is that the I can read the first 3 sectors well but then the disk starts to read almost all sectors with ECC Error, so it reads them wrong.

I attach SA Structure test..... Can you tell me what I could try to read the data?

Thanks, Simone
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Re: Please Help with Maxtor 2F030J0

Postby ACE_Admin » 28.04.12, 10:23


In this situation I can advise you trying next:

1st - try to build a head map, then read the data from different heads.
It can happen only one head is not good and you could get the data from another.

2nd - you can try to startup this drive from loader and heal its SA with using "SA Surface verification" method
with "Bad sectors reassing" option. After several passes, try starting up the drive in normal mode. It could happen
drive will initialize and start up correctly.
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Re: Please Help with Maxtor 2F030J0

Postby AJ2008 » 09.05.12, 11:00

HDD only has 1 head so head map creation will not help, but to use "SA Surface Verification" after loader has helped me many times. After this completed you can check full SA again and any errors can be (probably) solved

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