Toshiba MK8050GAC ATA lock

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Toshiba MK8050GAC ATA lock

Postby DCC-PC3K » 15.03.19, 14:06

Hi, I have a Toshiba MK8050GAC which is ATA locked. Does anyone know if any of the families in the Toshiba utility would support ATA unlocking?


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Re: Toshiba MK8050GAC ATA lock

Postby Takanashi_Hina » 15.03.19, 19:12

The VSC (Vendor Specific Command) to re-create the "S" (Security) sector on the platter and re-set the password to the default should be the same for all IDE TOSHIBA and another VSC is used for SATA TOSHIBA.

You have IDE drive so if PC-3000 is using the correct ATA VSC to re-create security and unlock the drive ANY utility for Toshiba 2.5 IDE (PATA) drives should work ... This doesn't apply if the PC-3000 uses the method of reading S "sector" by PBA directly .... At any rate should be very easy to unlock ...
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