How to mound virtual machine of Linux iSCSI server in Data Extractor RAID Edition

Data recovery from RAID arrays with the help of Data Extractor RAID Edition

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How to mound virtual machine of Linux iSCSI server in Data Extractor RAID Edition

Postby Nick_TS » 25.08.16, 22:14

In modern data center or enterprise environment, an iSCSI target often resides in a large storage array. These arrays can be in the form of commodity hardware with free-software-based iSCSI implementations, or as commercial products such as in StorTrends, Pure Storage, HP StorageWorks, EqualLogic, Tegile Systems, Nimble storage, Reduxio, IBM Storwize family, Isilon, NetApp filer, EMC Corporation NS-series, CX4, VNX, VNXe, VMAX, Hitachi Data Systems HNAS, or Pivot3 vSTAC.

In SCSI terminology, LUN stands for logical unit number. A LUN represents an individually addressable (logical) SCSI device that is part of a physical SCSI device (target). In an iSCSI environment, LUNs are essentially numbered disk drives. An initiator negotiates with a target to establish connectivity to a LUN; the result is an iSCSI connection that emulates a connection to a SCSI hard disk. Initiators treat iSCSI LUNs the same way as they would a raw SCSI or IDE hard drive; for instance, rather than mounting remote directories as would be done in NFS or CIFS environments, iSCSI systems format and directly manage filesystems on iSCSI LUNs.

Data Extractor RAID Edition supports and allows to simply work with these logical unit numbers. We would like to show you how to do it in Data Extractor RAID Edition on one real case.
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