Data Extractor RAID Addon [ How Many To Buy ]

Data recovery from RAID arrays with the help of Data Extractor RAID Edition

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Data Extractor RAID Addon [ How Many To Buy ]

Postby Amarbir[CDR-Labs] » 05.04.16, 14:38

Hello Dimitry Sir ,
I Have The UDMA-e Already With DE .I Am Planning To Buy PC 3000 SCSI/SAS With Data Extractor .Now I Wanted a suggestion On Which Tool To Get the RAID Module UDMa-e Or SCSI/SAS .Can You Gimme a Honest answer ,I Do Not Anticipate To Get Many Server Grade SCSI/SAS Cases Though .Is The RAID Module Better Then third Party RAID Tools In What Way As i Feel Just The RAID Module is Too Bloody Expensive Addon :(
Amarbir S Dhillon ,CDR Labs [ Chandigarh ,India ]
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