Save error - Save resident file error

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Save error - Save resident file error

Postby David_Jr » 29.03.21, 19:43

Hi everyone,

I have an issue where I am getting the following error

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File saving error [file path+name] : Save resident file Error!Cannot create file [file path+name]

when I save out files that have already been copied to a recovery (target) drive.

For some background to this problem, I have copied the data from the customer drive (on SATA2) to a recovery drive (on SATA3), both connected to the PC3K. I then work from copy and save the data to an external hard drive belonging to my customer via USB on my computer. The vast majority of files save without issue. However there are 10's of thousands of files that have this error. I have recently had this issue with one other drive (within the past week). I worked around that issue by saving the files on an internal drive, then manually transferring those to the customers drive. With this case, there are too many to do that. Also, I haven't installed new software or otherwise updated my computer recently.

Does anyone know what might be going on? I have included some additional information about my setup below.

Hardware: PC3K Express
PC3K version: 6.8.12
Data extractor version: 5.11.8
OS: Windows 10 Pro, ver 20H2, build 19042.867
Saving to: External WD HDD
Saving from: Recovery drive
Saving via: Data Extractor, explorer window
Memory: 32GB

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Re: Save error - Save resident file error

Postby digitalsupport » 30.03.21, 00:36

If patient is NTFS and you are saving files to root of a NTFS drive, you get that error if you try to save to "system Volume information"

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Re: Save error - Save resident file error

Postby computershopee » 14.04.21, 16:54

Did you get the Solution.. :roll:
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Re: Save error - Save resident file error

Postby David_Jr » 12.06.21, 00:22

Apologies for not responding earlier. The pathname length was the issue. To save the data, I made a separate top level folder for affected folders/files and saved the affected child folders to that top level folder. So with a patient path like

Code: Select all


I would be able to get to x, but not y and z. So I would save folder y to the top level output folder on the customer's recovery drive.

Prior to saving out the subfolders, I tried enabling long path names in windows by modifying the registry. This had no effect.

Hopefully, this will help someone out in the future!

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