Formatted Hard Drive

Data recovery from Hard Disk Drives with logical problems

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Formatted Hard Drive

Postby kennethwy » 04.07.20, 03:56

Good day,

Formatted drive data recovery case is getting less common in our lab nowadays, I guess partly because some users know how to run a recovery software to do some simple logical recovery?

Anyway, I've got a a couple of very similar cases in the past 1 week. The owner of the HDDs formatted the hard drives and new OS has been installed and only then realized they have data that they need in the old partition.

For both cases, I can recovered data (folders and files) that our clients needed but all are corrupted. I'm curious whether there are still hope that the good files are somewhere in the HDD and just that I've not done it correctly.

I don't know, perhaps it is just me, I don't remember if I have recovered any data (other than raw files) from a formatted hard drive in the past 1 years, that makes me wondering. Please comment if you have better success rate in getting data from formatted drive, at least I know I've missed out something here.

I'm running a quick analysis on one of the hard drives, will send some screenshots here once it is done.
let me know, too, if Im heading the wrong direction


Best regards

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