problem with is forcasted

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problem with is forcasted

Postby DCDL » 12.07.19, 07:33


Could someone please explain what these errors mean? They are only appearing on large video files but all sectors are read ok. The videos dont play all the way through so there is problems with them but all sectors good so Im not sure what is causing the problems.

3 -> File H:\Rescue 780554\Elements\Music\iTunes\Movies\Crank 2_ High Voltage.m4v has been saved, but it have problem with map!
3 -> File saving error H:\Rescue 780554\Elements\Music\iTunes\Movies\Crank 2_ High Voltage.m4v : Map is forecasted!

Thanks in advance,

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Re: problem with is forcasted

Postby SGdata » 14.07.19, 10:50

I think that there is something messed up with map creation. Generaly, i have many problems with maps in newest version. For example, when map is creating, program likes to freeze, and there is no other option than to kill the process. Other thing is that map info shows that there are unread sectors. But when i create a map of them, the map shows nothing. Also there are sectors marked with pink cross like when sectors can't be read in UDMA, but those sectors are green also. Already showed it to TS but Garry doesn't see any problem...

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