Acronis tibx File Recovery / Mount etc.

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Acronis tibx File Recovery / Mount etc.

Postby d1d » 22.06.19, 15:37

Hi @ all,

i have a question, is there a posibility to mount or open a .tibx File from Acronis Backup whit out Acronis?

There is a DB into the .tibx and whit the MultiExtractor (Free Tool) it dosen´t find anythink. So i tried whit TestDisk, it dosen´t work to...
Now maybe the DE can help?!? But i can´t take the File, so anyone an idea?

Problem is the original Disk is crypted by Ransomware .SONIC and the Indian Guy like only 18.000 Euros.... So maybe i can recover the tibx File that the Ransom have erased.

Thanks and best wishes


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Re: Acronis tibx File Recovery / Mount etc.

Postby Takanashi_Hina » 23.06.19, 18:54

Use Acronis software to restore the image from Acronis backup TO ANOTHER EMPTY DISK. Now copy the file from that 3rd drive to the original disk. Make sure your system is clean and doesn't have malware. If the backup file/image is intact you can simply re-create the entire drive from the image to a 3rd drive and only then copy the files you need to the original drive...
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Re: Acronis tibx File Recovery / Mount etc.

Postby Blizzard » 23.06.19, 22:58

If your only concern or reason for not using Acronis is the cost, you can use the free Acronis True Image WD Edition as long as you have a WD drive connected. I think it even works if the only WD brand drive is a USB device. You don't need to install it on the WD, there just needs to be a WD drive present.

added: You should be able to browse the tib image and copy the file once Acronis is installed.

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