Anyone Have a Pinout of This Controller?

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Anyone Have a Pinout of This Controller?

Postby DataMedics » 26.09.19, 20:55

I'm trying to find out the pinout of this thumb drive controller:

8690 IVP260291-1.jpg
8690 IVP260291-1.jpg (13.54 KiB) Viewed 3586 times

Labeling shows 8690 IPV260291-1 A111H17L. The NAND is just a blob of resin, so I can't remove and direct read it safely. I can't find anything by searching the web for this chip label. I've tried comparing other SOIC-24 pinouts such as the CBM2099 but they can't possibly be right.

This one has the USB data lanes as the first and second pin right next to the orientation dot (bottom left corner of the picture) which is different than any pinout I can find.

The case is pretty urgent, so I'll need to decline the case if I can't find a pinout soon.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any info to share.

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