Recover 3.5" floppy drive diskettes

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Recover 3.5" floppy drive diskettes

Postby edbrandt » 21.04.21, 13:41


A customer walked in with some 3.5" floppy drive diskettes he needs to recover. He had a USB floppy drive, but some of the diskettes wouldn't be accepted. I tried the USB drive in my system, but due to driver issues it wouldn't work properly. Anyway, as long as the content on the diskettes isn't 100% good, I doubt it will be successfull - so I was thinking another approach.

Is there a way to connect a good old 3,5" floppy drive (34 pin connector) to a modern system, either through a PCI adapter or perhaps to the PC3000 IDE connector - and read the data out as a dump some way?

Thanks in advance.

- Espen

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Re: Recover 3.5" floppy drive diskettes

Postby emir_has » 28.03.24, 09:57

For these types of media and data salvage look for greaseweezle project. This dedicated device /interface is for floppy drive salvage and reading data on flux level.

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